If your goal for this season is to smell like your favourite treats, possibly in an adult and refined way, look no further.

For my first article (yes, many others are coming, so keep watching this space) I have thought about all of you fellow gourmand lovers and selected three of my favourite perfumes that, I promise, will make your mouth water. After all, what better way of coping with cold, grey weather and shorter days than the comforting smell of your favourite crave?


Vanilj by Maya Njie

Vanilj by Maya Njie is a beautiful eau de parfum in a retro style 50ml spray bottle - Isabelle Langlois Perfume Stylist & Curator enticing niche fragrances from top indie British perfume brands. Perfume oil, ectrait de parfum spray roll ons unisex perfume gift sets samples discovery sets

An exquisitely minimal fragrance, in the most sophisticated sense, Vanilj is the perfect scent for those of you who are looking for a new everyday staple. Its main features lie in the name: here, we are talking vanilla the Swedish way, with a hint of cardamom, which enhances its aromatic and delicately sweet facets without being cloying. The base notes of amber and musk keep this fragrance warm yet clean, a discreet cuddle to start your day with. Think breakfast in bed on a rainy Sunday with buttery, freshly baked vanilla buns and fragrant ground cardamom sprinkled on top. 


Eden Road by Lovorika 

Eden Road perfume oil by Lovorika in a 30ml glass spray bottle. It is a natural fragrances no alcohol vegan cruelty free - Isabelle Langlois Perfume Stylist & Curator of unisex niche fragrances from top indie British perfume brands available in handbag-size spray perfumes, roll ons, 30ml 50ml 75ml

If you’re one of those people who always go for the most decadent dessert on the menu, then you’re in for a treat. A true feast for the nose, Eden Road opens with an inebriating mix of candied citrus peels on a base of dark, toasted, almost chocolaty coffee beans; as the scent evolves though, the honeysuckle appears and turns it into sweet and juicy nectar with delicate honeyed hues. While the redolence can be quite intense in the opening, the natural, non-greasy, dry oil formula ensures a slow and subtle release of the scent over time, with the added benefit of keeping the skin gently moisturised.


Sincere by Contradictions by ILK

Sincere 50ml eau de parfum Contradictions in Ilk Layerable perfumes UK floral amber fragrance with notes of coconut musk and amber - Isabelle Langlois The Perfume Stylist London Curator of niche fragrances from the top British perfume houses

A less literal take on the theme, Sincere could be described as the fruity cocktail you wouldn’t expect; a warming, mellow, spicy, and creamy concoction in a Piña Colada glass. Here, the fresh and zingy notes of peach nectar and ginger blossoms blend harmoniously with a dash of soothing warm milk. The amber and balmy coconut musk in the base, confer the most luscious creaminess to the mix, while hints of saffron and ylang-ylang add richness and warmth. A velvety elixir to indulge yourself with.


Get a taste of these three delicious fragrances in my ‘Adore Moi, Les Précieuses and Pour Mademoiselle perfume boxes or get the full size if you already have a favourite!


Isabelle x

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