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Woman with a dog Isabelle Langlois Perfume Stylist & Curator of perfume discovery boxes London Crouch End UK Perfume shop in North London

I have been fascinated by perfumes for as long as I can remember. As a young child growing up in France, I vividly recall the diversity of aromas which filled my young years. From warm summers where lavender filled the hills of Provence to the colder winters of the french alps and the fresh alpine air, to the coastal breeze of Normandie; fragrances live deep in my memories and unlock a renewed world with each scent.

As a child, I began bottling moments in my memory through any perfume I could get my hands on. From my grandmother’s N. 4711 Eau de Cologne to souvenir fragrances from holidays (my first being Mont St Michel Eau de Cologne), with time, these scents came to define my world; immersed in fragrance. I love perfumes because they transform our human function of smell into a rich sensory experience that everyone can appreciate. It’s one of the many ways we can all make the everyday a little more special and a little more personal.

Over time, and having spent years in the Luxury Hospitality industry, I realised that my natural desire to help others obtain the ultimate experience could be coupled with my deep love for fragrances, and form a business where people can be advised on what the best perfume for them is. I wanted to become the epitome of a perfume stylist as well as providing selections of my favourite scents throughout the year for women and men to experiment with on a daily basis.

As such, the concept of Perfume Stylist was created. A bespoke fragrance-finder service where I get to know my clients a little more enabling me to offer tailor-made experiences, from private consultations, personalised perfume boxes, to perfume parties. I aim to curate unique blends of scents to give my clients a unique and personalised experience based entirely on how they like to look, feel, and smell.

I’m a big believer in supporting small businesses and a face behind a brand with a story to tell in the way each perfume should tell a story. Which is why I exclusively collaborate with independent fragrance houses with most of them being from the UK. My Perfume Boxes, Bespoke Events, and 1-to-1 consultations are a unique way to discover indie brands, experience new scents, and develop a fragrance wardrobe (fragrance collection) so you can have a different perfume for every occasion, mood and style without ever becoming tired of your fragrances.

So that’s me, Isabelle Langlois, your perfume stylist and curator of enticing perfume gift boxes to help you add to your time capsule of memories.

Isabelle xxx

Isabelle Langlois Perfume Stylist & Curator of unisex perfume discovery boxes 8ml perfumes London Crouch End UK Perfume shop in North London Travel-size perfume British independent perfume brand
Isabelle Langlois Perfume Stylist & Curator of perfume discovery boxes London Crouch End UK Perfume shop in North London