By: Isabelle

British Perfumery Spotlight: Maya Njie Perfumes

At The Perfume Stylist, we are dedicated to showcasing the finest independent fragrance brands from across the UK. In this series,…

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Client Onboarding: Make a Lasting Impression with Fragrance

In the competitive world of business, the first impression can set the tone for long-lasting relationships. Whether you’re welcoming new employees…

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Father’s Day Fragrance Gifts: A Guide for Businesses

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the incredible dads, granddads, and father figures in our lives. But finding the perfect…

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Discover the science behind fragrance and its impact on employee emotions. Learn how personalized perfume gifts can boost team morale, enhance brand perception, and create lasting connections within your UK company.
The Science of Scent: Why Fragrance Makes a Lasting Impression

Have you ever spritzed on your favourite perfume and instantly felt a surge of confidence? Or perhaps a specific scent instantly…

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At The Perfume Stylist, we believe that small acts of kindness can go a long way. Take the time to show gratitude towards your valued clients, employees, and contacts with our luxurious and nature-inspired gifts for all.”
The Science Behind Employee Appreciation: Why Gifting Matters

In today’s competitive job market, employee appreciation is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s a critical business strategy. Happy,…

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a bride smells her wrist as she is searching for her wedding signature scent. She has a bottle of perfume in her hand and wears a white wedding dress. She is a beautiful woman ready for her big day. Contact me isabelle your fragrance expert to help you find perfumes for each chapter of your life. I am in London
Bridal Fragrance Essentials: Finding Your Signature Scent

Your wedding day is a symphony of details, each element carefully chosen to create a harmonious and unforgettable experience. From the…

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10 quick self-care practices with fragrances to renew your energy yoga meditation perfume oils natural fragrances aromatherapy practice with isabelle langlois the perfume stylist London UK fragrance expert in your area
10 Quick Self-Care Practices to Renew Your Energy This Summer

☀️  🧘‍♀️  🌿  🌼  🌅  🌴  🌺   As the summer sun fills our days with warmth and light, it’s essential…

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A GLAMOROUS AFFAIR: FASHION & PERFUME AT ROKSANDA mayfair london with isabelle langlois the perfume stylist on appointment exclusive service
A Glamorous Affair: Fashion & Perfume at ROKSANDA

Step into a world of glamour and inspiration as I recount my unforgettable experience at the exclusive ROKSANDA event, an ultra-chic…

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summer picture of a camera straw hat to invite people on summer holiday and travel. This blog post is about fragrance-safe travel storage and fragrance-friendly packing. Isabelle Langlois the Perfume stylist london uk
Travel Tips: Fragrance-Safe Travel Storage

As summer calls us to embark on exciting travel adventures, it’s important to ensure our cherished fragrances accompany us safely and…

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Travel size perfumes in a beauty case that fit in a cabin bag to travel with your fabourite 8ml spray perfumes. Best of indie fragrance house available at isabelle langlois. choose summer perfumes such as bergamot, coconut, pineapple, lemon thyme, fresh, citrus, vanilla fragrance.
Perfume Packing Tips for Travel: Smell Amazing on Your Adventures!

Bonjour les amis! I understand the importance of maintaining your signature scent while jet-setting around the world and that’s why I’m…

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