Bridal Perfume Session

Find Your Perfect Wedding Day Scent: A Curated Fragrance Journey

Imagine walking down the aisle, leaving a trail of a captivating scent that perfectly reflects your personality and complements your wedding vision. The Perfume Stylist offers an exclusive bridal perfume consultation experience designed to help you discover your ideal wedding signature scent.

Why Choose a Bridal Perfume Consultation?

A Serene & Personalised Journey:  Escape the everyday. In a serene setting, free from the hustle and the ‘scent pollution’ of busy shops, you are invited to explore, to indulge, and to discover. With Isabelle Langlois, your personal fragrance curator, take some time for yourself and indulge in luxury fragrances from the finest independent British brands like Gallivant, Maya Njie, and more.
Curated Fragrance Box: Together, we’ll explore beautiful perfumes that complement your wedding dress, bouquet, and theme. Leave your session with a treasured Collection housing your three favourite perfumes, 3 x 8ml purse-size fragrances. Perfect size to experience each scent at your own pace, ensuring you find the perfect perfume that makes you feel confident and radiate on your special day.
Bonus: Consider bottling a small amount of your favourite scents from the selection as a unique and personalised wedding favour for your guests – a lasting reminder of your love story.

£195 £165.75*

The session last 1 hour | A Perfume Collection includes 3 x 8ml perfumes
* Travel fees may apply
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Why Choose a Wedding Scent?

Your wedding day is a tapestry of carefully chosen details, and your wedding fragrance should be no exception. A carefully chosen scent creates a powerful olfactory memory, instantly transporting you back to the joy and emotions of your special day whenever you catch a whiff of it in the future. The right fragrance can add an extra layer of sophistication and personalisation to your wedding and empower you to feel your absolute best as you walk down the aisle. Ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with a luxurious wedding fragrance from a passionate British indie brand.

Make this intimate decision a part of your wedding journey!

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Share this exclusive experience with your loved ones!

Bride & Groom session

Embark on a fragrant love story, exploring captivating perfumes together. Whisper your scent preferences to each other, unveil scents that will grace each other's skin on your wedding day, creating an intimate olfactory bond.


The session last approximately 90 minutes
This includes 2 perfume collections of 3 x 8mls each
* Travel fees may apply

Hen Party

Create unforgettable memories with your bridesmaids & besties!

From £ 590

The Perfect Gift for the Bride-to-Be

A luxurious and unforgettable experience. A gift that goes beyond the material and creates a lasting memory.

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