Corporate Perfume Events

A Fun and Thoughtful Way to Celebrate Your Cherished Team or Valued Clients!

A perfume party is such a fun and original way to pamper your team, members, or clients. My bespoke perfume events are a two-hour pop-up on your premises where your guests will be taken on a journey of fragrant discovery! Over Champagne and macaroons (I am French, after all!), they’ll browse up to 60 of my carefully curated selection of scents from independent British fragrance houses. With my guidance, each guest will identify their personal fragrance style as I work with them to curate their very own custom perfume boxes – housing three of their favourite scents (3x8ml).
It will be a one-of-a-kind opportunity to take your guests on an immersive voyage within the four walls of your space.

 Transport them to a late-summer trek through a dense forest scented with pine needles and plush moss, and observe as they relive fond childhood memories of freshly split firewood and delicious baking.  Guests will feel revitalised and renewed through these olfactory discoveries designed to awaken their senses.  I’ll make sure everyone has a pleasant experience through my immersive perfume styling techniques. A Perfume Event can also be a unique and intimate team-building activity; a great way to connect and learn more about each other, in a fun and open environment. Get ready to get lost in the enchanting world of fragrance!

Min. size group: 3 pax

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From £ 455*

* This tariff is for a 2-hour event including 4 boxes
Additional perfume box: £ 47
Extra time: £125 per hour
Travel fees may apply
VAT not applicable

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