Beautiful perfume box with travel-size fragrances best idea for corporate gifts incentive experience for your staff best gift for clients Isabelle Langlois fragrance expert London perfume box 8ml perfume from British brands
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Let Your Team and Clients’ Imaginations Run Wild by Taking Them on a Fragrant Discovery Journey

Treat your guests to a bespoke perfume-smelling event that will fill your space with the fiery energy of Indie British-made perfumes. And get momentous gifts and goodies while you’re at it!

Perfume Events

Team bonding corporate party client entertainment from a fragrances expert pamper your staff, employees, members, clients with unique experience London UK Isabelle Langlois perfume stylist

Pamper your team or clients with a memorable experience.


Corporate gifting and client entertainment from a fragrances expert pamper your staff, employees, members, clients with unique experience London UK Isabelle Langlois perfume stylist

Enchant a client, a team member or a VIP guest with a present they’ll never forget – a Treat-Filled Perfume Box.

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Isabelle Langlois Perfume Stylist & Curator of perfume discovery boxes London Crouch End UK Perfume shop in North London
Maria HarrlingMaria Harrling
12:36 29 Jun 21
I bought 3 different fragrances of Isabelle and I love them all! I would happily recommend this small business to anyone looking for a new fragrance.
Rose HartleyRose Hartley
18:19 08 Mar 21
My friend bought me three of these perfumes and they smell amazzzing!! The packaging was gorgeous, really happy with these, they smell like luxury 💕
Gaelle RossGaelle Ross
16:26 26 Feb 21
My scent journey with Isabelle felt like a really special treat.I have discovered some amazing scents ( very wide variety) , original perfumes that stand out from the crowd. I bought my first box and I really love the selection of perfumes. Isabelle really listened to me and went above and beyond to ensure I was happy and got my box safely delivered.During Covid the scents have been small moments of joy. I will order again because it is just super pleasant to discover new unique scents and get more and more favourites. I also bought a box as a gift for my sister so that she will feel special with my avant-garde choices! A very nice and friendly experience with Isabelle.I can only recommend !
Lesley HazelwoodLesley Hazelwood
18:49 17 Jan 21
Lovely Perfume gift boxes, purchased three already. Very happy with the violes, great opportunity to try niche perfume before buying large bottle. Cant wait to buy more for Valentines Day, great as gifts and everyone was so pleased with them.Lovely size, really nicely presented and very flexible delivery and gift Certificate choice.
Amelia DillinghamAmelia Dillingham
17:14 17 Jan 21
I came across this perfume discovery box at a pop up event, in a shop in North London. I was greeted by the curator Isabelle who guided me through the experience and the scents. How to discover the scent, how to wear it best, each perfume was from a independent brand, cruelty free all the things I care about when spending my money. I loved the scents, and the concept so much I bought five boxes for family and friends for Christmas. I truly love my box and wear the perfume everyday even if I am not going out, makes me feel special. I have also discovered new perfumes that I adore and will buy again. Such a brilliant idea! X