Step into a world of glamour and inspiration as I recount my unforgettable experience at the exclusive ROKSANDA event, an ultra-chic ‘Fashion & Perfume Styling Experience’ like no other. Read on to discover the magic of this unique ‘soirée’ and how I can bring the same elegance to your corporate events through bespoke collaborations that blend unique fragrances with your brand’s essence and style.


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I couldn’t contain my excitement when I was invited to be a part of a truly magnificent event at ROKSANDA, organized by a dear friend and mentor. The gathering brought together an inspiring group of twenty incredible women and founders, including the talented duo Samira and Saloni from Pink Salt Ventures. The cherry on top of this fabulous soirée was getting to meet the one and only Roksanda herself 🤩 – a creative force and visionary designer. If you haven’t experienced her superb boutique in the heart of Mayfair yet, it’s an absolute must-visit shopping destination. I was utterly captivated by her incredible collection and awe-inspiring artistry.


perfume event at Roksanda Mayfair fashion & perfume collaboration june 2023 unique experience for vip clients Isabelle Langois The Perfume Stylist London

Credit Remy Woo, Journalist Liang Xu Phoenix Media

Sharing Niche Fragrances with Empowered Women:

As a Perfume Stylist, this event was the perfect opportunity to introduce my services and my carefully curated selection of niche fragrances to these amazing businesswomen. Helping them find their signature scents for the summer was an absolute delight. Maurizio and his exceptional team skillfully styled them with Roksanda’s vibrant and unique creations, resulting in an ultra-chic ‘Fashion & Perfume Styling Experience‘ like no other. The atmosphere was electric, complemented by glasses of flawless champagne that added a touch of luxury to the occasion. Oulala, it was a night to remember! 🔥


niche fragrances from uk independant fragrance houses discover these best scents for women and men in luxurious 8ml spray perfumes by isabelle langlois fragrance expert in london

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📢 Collaborations and Corporate Events:

If you’re a business owner or a store manager looking to enhance your client’s experiences, I’d be absolutely thrilled to collaborate with you!  Send me your inquiry here.  My passion for fragrances and my expertise as a Perfume Stylist can be a perfect complementary addition to your in-store offerings or events, making them truly memorable experiences for your clients. Whether it’s adding a unique perfume styling consultation, your bespoke branded perfume box, or a fragrance-themed event, I’m here to help you tailor the perfect olfactory experience for your brand. Imagine your store or office offering personalized scent consultations on appointment, providing that extra touch to elevate your clients’ experience. Send me your inquiry here, and let’s make magic happen together!

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