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An exclusive perfume finder service helping you create your own personalised set of niche fragrances. Whether you’re looking to pamper yourself and start building your very personal fragrance wardrobe, or you’re looking for a scent to match a specific outfit, my fragrance-finding service will allow you to discover new perfumes and feel truly special.

See how it works below, and book your initial consultation with me!

How it works



Select your preferred date & time for our initial consultation. Ahead of the call, I will send you a short questionnaire to complete yourself.


Scent Profiling

I will personally review the information you have shared to develop your Olfactive Portrait and hand-pick fragrances that I think you will love.



You’ll receive 3 x 8ml glass spray bottles of exquisite niche fragrances. Take the time to experience your new scents and enjoy 25% off a full-size bottle of your favourite one.


All fragrances are 100% authentic and purchased from the original perfumers directly. I carefully rebottle genuine fragrances into the 8ml glass vials to create your sets.

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