When it comes to fragrance, wearing the right perfume at the right time can really have an impact on how you and the people around you will feel and remember the occasion.

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Olfactory memory is indeed the most enduring and, luckily enough, this can come with many pros if handled well. Choosing the right fragrances, however, can be very tricky at times;  especially the ones that will accompany you and your partner on your Wedding Day and will likely stay in your memories forever! 

The aspect of scent is often overlooked when it comes to the Big Day, in favour of more visible and tangible details. Still, the right redolence will make sure you keep all the lovely memories from those moments vivid and alive for many, many years to come. As fragrances can also have a huge influence on your mood, finding the right match could actually turn out to be the cherry on top of this very happy day: floral and fruity aromas, with their light and softly sweet scent, are a traditional go-to for such a special and romantic occasion but what about less conventional woody, spicy or gourmand accords? Depending on the vibe you’re aiming to achieve, a combination of these notes could enhance any atmosphere you and your loved one are looking for: pure, crisp cleanliness; playful and bubbly romance; sophisticated elegance or maybe a decadent vintage charm! it will be the final magic touch to any outfit, wedding gown or tuxedo.


Find your wedding signature scent with styling session. Perfume wedding favours with beautiful handbag size 8ml perfumes from top indie British perfume brands. Isabelle Langlois Perfume Stylist and Curator of niche fragrances. London Crouch End UKTo help you and your partner find the perfect scent for this important and meaningful occasion, I’ll be also offering a bespoke Bride Perfume Session that will be tailored to any of your needs. Together, we will choose the ideal fragrances to match your outfits, wedding theme, moods and personalities; alternatively, for the ultimate romantic take, I will guide you through the research of a single special scent that will become your couple’s signature. The chosen scent/s could also make a thoughtful and intimate wedding favour for your guests in a convenient 8ml handbag size: a dreamy reminder of the day.


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And, to make the discovery experience even more fun, you will be able to decide whether you want to do this as a 1 to 1 session with me or as an event activity for your hen do or bachelor party. In both cases, I will make sure to help you design the perfect scented experience in view of your big day!

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