Perfume Discovery Workshop

Captivate your team, impress clients, and create lasting memories with an immersive journey into the world of fragrance.

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your team gathered in a stylish setting, sipping champagne and macaroons, embarking on a captivating journey of scent discovery. They’ll delve into the history of perfume, explore captivating perfumery notes, and uncover hidden gems from artisan British brands. A unique on-site experience designed to captivate, educate, and inspire, providing an elegant touch to any corporate gathering. The highlight of the workshop is the perfume styling session, where guests will curate their bespoke collection, featuring their three favourite scents in smart travel-size bottles (3x8ml). A hands-on aromatic experience that fosters genuine connection, sparks laughter, and creates cherished keepsakes for client experiences and intimate groups.

Perfect For:

Client Appreciation Events & Networking Gatherings
Team Building Activities & Corporate Retreats
Product Launches & Marketing Initiatives
Birthday Celebrations & Special Occasions

Why Choose Perfume Discovery Workshops?

Strengthen Client Relationships: Showcase your appreciation and attention to detail with a truly unique and luxurious gifting experience.
Elevate Team Engagement: Go beyond traditional activities and foster deeper connections through shared discovery and sensory exploration.
Memorable & Personal: Each participant chooses their 3 favourite perfumes from our curated selection, taking home a personalised 8ml perfume set.

Expert-Led Guidance: Your experienced fragrance stylist leads the journey, sharing their knowledge and passion for the world of perfume.
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Perfume Workshop london with isabelle langlois the perfume stylist. learn about perfume history, perfumery notes and families and discover niche fragrances and british perfume brands. perfect for team building activity for small groups in london manchester and bristol

What to Expect:

Fragrance History: Embark on a captivating journey through 3000 years of perfumery, exploring key trends, techniques, and innovations.

Sensory Exploration: Learn about natural and synthetic notes, discovering their characteristics and how they blend to create captivating fragrances.

Independent British Perfumes: Immerse yourselves in the world of independent British perfume houses, uncovering hidden gems and unique scents.

Interactive Discovery: Through fun quizzes and blind smelling moments, participants explore their senses and connect with the fragrances on a deeper level.

Curated Collection: Each participant chooses their 3 favourite perfumes to create a personalised 8ml perfume set, taking home a cherished memory.

Ready to create an unforgettable experience for your team and clients?

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This includes a 2-hour event for 4 people minimum
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Your Premises: Conveniently at your office.
Venue Arrangement: We can organise a suitable venue if needed.
Our workshops are exclusively for one group, ensuring a personalised experience every time.
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