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Indulge in the essence of masculinity with this set of timeless fragrances for men featuring three 8ml eau de parfum, a refined and versatile trio that will suit the classic gentleman’s facets.

A Woody Incense fragrance that will envelop you in an air of mystery and sophistication, blending smoky incense, velvety woods, and subtle spices.  A classic Aromatic cologne exuding timeless elegance, combining aromatic herbs, crisp citrus, and warm spices for a refined and suave masculine scent.  Unleash your inner strength with a rich Tobacco perfume, powerful and charismatic.  The rich aroma of smoky tobacco leaves mingles with the warmth of cedarwood and patchouli, creating a robust embrace.

Experience these sophisticated fragrances that will empower your confidence and elevate your presence.  Indulge in For Monsieur’s exclusive perfume set, a Luxurious Symphony of Scents.

1 x 8ml Naples by Gallivant
1 x 8ml Imperia by Memoize
1 x 8ml Abel by Made in Pigalle


Naples Gallivant 30ml EdP pyramid olfactive top notes sea salt ginger pink peppercorn, bergamot Heart notes Incense resinoid fumencens nutmeg cardamom labdanum base notes are patchouli vetiver clearwood guaiac wood amber - spicy incense woody fragrance - Isabelle Langlois Perfume Stylist & Curator of unisex perfume discovery boxes 8ml perfumes London Crouch End UK Perfume shop in North London Travel-size perfume British independent perfumer indie perfume brands best fragrances for men and women

Naples by Gallivant

A vibrant and evocative fragrance that captures the essence of the Italian city, Naples is a perfect perfume for those who want to feel alive and inspired.

TOP NOTES: Sea salt, Ozone, Ginger, Pink Peppercorn, Bergamot

HEART NOTES: Incense resinoid, Fumencens, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Labdanum

BASE NOTES: Patchouli, Vetiver, Guaiac wood, Amber

PORTRAIT: Masculine

FAMILY:  Woody/Incense

STRENGTH:  Eau de Parfum

Imperia by Rowan Row eau de parfum 100 ml memoize london aromatic fragrance for men citruses lemon clary sage lavender moss amber leather - Isabelle Langlois Perfume Stylist & Curator of unisex perfume discovery boxes 8ml perfumes London Crouch End UK Perfume shop in North London Travel-size perfume British independent perfume brand

Imperia by Rowan Row from Memoize

An empowering, bold, and impactful cologne for men.  It is a statement you are making to your peers.  A scent that takes you back to memories of long journeys, both metaphorical and physical.  Arduous and challenging, this scent brings out your inner power and grounds you.

TOP NOTES:  Citruses, Green notes, Lemon

HEART NOTES:  Clary Sage, Lavender, Mint

BASE NOTES:  Moss, Amber, Woodsy notes, Leather, Musk

PORTRAIT: Masculine

FAMILY:  Aromatic

STRENGTH:  Eau de Parfum, 25% Oil Concentrate

blue glass spray bottle of Abel eau de parfum by Made in Pigalle an independent perfume brand from paris, France. Abel is a woody smoky cologne with notes of tobacco leaves. available on isabelle langlois website the perfume stylist in 75ml or 8ml travel-size spray bottles

Abel by Made in Pigalle

A bold, masculine fragrance that blends smoky leather, Cuban tobacco, Indian oud, Atlas cedar, and cistus labdanum.  It is perfect for the modern man who wants to make a statement..

TOP NOTES:  Tobacco, Bergamot, Nargamota

HEART NOTES:  Indian oud, Cedar Atlas, Patchouli

BASE NOTES:  Vanilla, Sandalwood, Labdanum, Musc

PORTRAIT:  Masculine

FAMILY:  Woody/Smoky

STRENGTH:  Eau de Parfum

*The set contains 3 x 8 ml perfumes. All products are 100% authentic and purchased from the original companies. I carefully rebottle genuine fragrances into the glass vials.