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Virtuous 50ml EdP Contradictions in Ilk top notes basil thyme wormwood heart notes cobblestone sage lily sacred violet base notes incense oak leather moss - Isabelle Langlois Perfume Stylist & Curator of unisex perfume discovery boxes 8ml perfumes London Crouch End UK Perfume shop in North London Travel-size perfume British independent perfumer

‘Layerable with Libertine

As Dante once said “Beauty awakens the soul to act” and this virtuous scent is beautiful and stirring in equal measure. Transporting your soul to the bucolic Tuscan countryside where you will follow in the shadow of a Carthusian monk. Breathing in the scent of the aromatic herb garden, cold stone walls, leather-bound books and lingering incense. What a curious calm.

Aromatic thyme, sage and wet basil graced with sacred violet, grounded with stone, oakwood and moss. Enveloped in ancient incense and leather. A divine scent in the truest sense.

Have a look at Virtuous’s contradicting paired scent, Libertine. Each pair is harmoniously crafted so that each highlights and subdues certain qualities of the other to create a unique third or fourth scent depending on which way round you layer.

20% Oil Concentrate, cruelty-free, unisex, and ecologically responsible.

INGREDIENTS: Alcohol denat, parfum, limonene, hydroxycitronellal, geraniol, linalool, citronellol, cinnamal, eugenol, isoeugenol, citral, cinnamyl alcohol, benzyl cinnamate, farnesol, benzyl benzoate, benzyl alcohol.


A brave, expressive, personal perfume experience.

Contradictions in ILK gender-free, cruelty-free, and planet-friendly scents inspired by human nature. Their layerable pairs allow you to celebrate the contradictions within your character by adapting your scent to compliment your mood, environment, and whim. They believe that perfume allows for the ultimate means of self-expression, be the artist of your own scent story.

“We want to inspire others to use their perfume to experience significant moments more deeply, to capture vivid emotions, and to help tell stories by engaging all the senses. Perfume doesn’t have to be a Christmas gift, a huge bottle you tire of before you reach the end, a footnote in your beauty regime. It can and should be more – express yourself with scent.”

​Ilk is an old Scottish word with varied interpretations over the centuries, their interpretation is ‘the essence of who you are’. So Contradictions in ILK is referring to the contradictions in who we are; which is exactly what Annabella & Holly, the co-founders of this beautiful house wish to celebrate with their collection of layerable scents inspired by human nature.