Best woody fragrance for men and women by Olfactive O small indie brand from London UK sandalwood leather ambergris in a beautiful 30ml bottle of perfume. Shop perfume at Isabelle Langlois the perfumes stylist fragrance expert London UK
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TOP NOTES:   Cedar, Black Pepper

HEART NOTES:  Vetiver, Smoked Leather, Myrrh

BASE NOTES:   White Ambergris, Sandalwood, Labdanum

PORTRAIT:  Masculine – Unisex

FAMILY:  Woody

STRENGTH:  Eau de Parfum

I am the curious mind, the subtle presence. I travel the world but tread lightly and you’ll learn my secrets slowly. I am cashmere, russet and dark chocolate, bringing you solace and the space to just be. I am a walk in the woods, a warm bath, a good book.


Dusk and the embers of a fire
Vintage clothes and classic films
A letter to a lover
Espresso in a French café

INGREDIENTS: Alcohol Denat, Parfum (Fragrance), Farnesol, Limonene, Alpha-Isomethylionone


Olfactive is our master Creative Perfumer. A private man who prefers anonymity, wishing only to be known through the perfumes he creates. He trained at Grasse and worked for some of the top perfume houses but always craved seclusion over large laboratories and the saturated world of trend-led fragrances. Now he works from his own studio, a haven of peace and creative energy, deep in the silence and nature of the British countryside. This is where he develops the unique, unfettered scents of Olfactive O.

O is our Creative Director – Olivia. She believes in the power of a fragrance to communicate to others who you are. Her approach to the perfume industry is one of straight-talking and clarity. Frustrated by the commercialism of the big brand perfumes and the lost magic of me-too scents, she launched Olfactive O to give her clients a simple understanding of what fragrances best suit facets of their personality.

That simplicity lies at the heart of Olfactive O.

We believe that the scent you chose should be intricately tailored to your personality and anything you spray on should be an extension of your own scent, like a second skin.