Perfume Wedding Favours

Bring a wow effect to your wedding with a touch of perfume!

Bridal perfumes mini perfumes best idea for weddings favours small white box including a 8ml travel-size spray perfume from the bride and groom - Isabelle Langlois perfume stylist london discover enticing niche fragrances from the best independent British perfume brands
A thoughtful memento at your wedding

Give the gift of perfume in a luxury 8ml handbag-size spray bottle; a fragrance representing your two personalities, your wedding theme or the flowers at the centre of your wedding.  A perfume wedding favour for your guests: a dreamy reminder of the day.

During our consultation, you will discover a range of fine fragrances and with my guidance, you will choose your favourite one or two scents. We’ll discuss packaging, labels and stickers so your wedding favours are perfectly matching your wedding theme and your budget.

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