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Elevate Your Wedding Packages with Fragrance Experiences

Capture the Hearts (and Noses) of Your Brides with Luxury Scents

Partner with The Perfume Stylist, a leading provider of exquisite fragrance experiences, and offer your clients a unique and personalised touch that sets your wedding packages apart in the competitive UK wedding market.

Why Choose The Perfume Stylist for Your Brides?

I am passionate about curating unique, luxury scents from British artisan brands, introducing rare fragrances that elevate any wedding beyond the ordinary.  My dedication to unique details allows me to craft distinctive fragrance experiences that not only enhance your clients’ weddings but also create lasting memories for brides and their parties. Partnering with me sets you apart as a trendsetter, offering innovative services that meet the demand for truly extraordinary wedding experiences.
A Uniquely British Touch: Offer your clients a curated selection of exquisite British indie perfumes, celebrating British craftsmanship and adding a touch of local flair.
Personalised Experiences: We go beyond fragrance. Our bespoke consultations ensure each bride discovers a scent that reflects her personality and complements her wedding vision.
Unforgettable Weddings, Etched in Scent: A fragrance that captures the essence of the day, symbolising love and unity. It infuses every moment, turning memories into lasting treasures for all.
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Our 3 Fragrance Services for Weddings

Bridal Perfume Session

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An intimate consultation with me Isabelle, where brides embark on a fragrant journey, discovering their perfect wedding day scent. They’ll leave a captivating trail as they walk down the aisle, forever linking this fragrance to the most magical day of their lives.

Hen Perfume Party

Hen party hen do bachelorette party with your best friends enjoy a perfume party with your best friends and choose the best perfume for your wedding day - Isabelle Langlois perfume stylist and curator of niche fragrances from the best indie British perfume brands
Celebrate with laughter, elegance, and a unique exploration of exquisite British fragrances. The perfect way for the bride tribe to create lasting memories before the big day.

Perfume Wedding Favours

Mini perfumes best idea for weddings favours small white box including a 8ml travel-size spray perfume from the bride and groom - Isabelle Langlois perfume stylist london discover enticing niche fragrances from the best independent British perfume brands
A thoughtful and personalised memento for the guests, reflecting the wedding theme and the happy couple’s unique scent love story. A fragrance that lingers long after the last dance.

Why Partner with The Perfume Stylist?

Increased Value Proposition
Distinguish yourself from the competition by offering a unique and luxurious add-on service that caters to a growing demand for personalisation.
Enhanced Client Experience
Provide your clients with a memorable and personalized fragrance element that complements their wedding theme and creates a truly unforgettable experience.
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Ready to Elevate Your Wedding Packages?

Let's Discuss How We Can Work Together.

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